Levi’s® Styling Event with Glamour Magazine and Rituals Cosmetics

Hi Fashonistas ,

tonight organized by the Levis Flagship Store in Berlin in cooperation with the Glamour Magazine and Rituals Home and Body Cosmetics a special VIP event to showcase the new Curved ID Jeans .

I was invited and I’m already excited about what awaits me.



Ahead of me, of course I have already inquired about the new product Curved ID .

The Levi ‘s  Design Team has long been filed at this particular Jeans, they examined by body scans of over 60,000 women worldwide and developed three different fits based on the difference between the hip and buttocks circumference .

1. Slight Curve fit small women
2. Demi Curve is a classic for feminine proportions and
3. Bold Curve pays tribute to genuine female curves.



Thus the endless search for the perfect fitting Jeans should now come to an end .

I’ll check for you now tonight …

I’ve worn almost exclusively Levis Jeans many years in my childhood my mother swore by these impeccable Jeans company. Finally, I grew up with the mother of all the Levis Jeans.

Well it’s amazing long ago, I was wearing the Levis Jeans. I hope that you now hit the ground running again and really help us women looking for the perfect pair of Jeans. But I trust the promises of the maker.

My collected experiences, impressions and pictures, I will share with you tomorrow, and I hope that you also then on again.

Look forward to tomorrow and still like to share your experiences and also reminders about the Levis Jeans with me …

I embrace you all …

Hope you enjoy …

… your Lara Calyx


in Cooperation with…





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